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Ahiman Consulting and Research has provided program evaluations and statistical consulting solutions to a variety of government and corporate clients.

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We can be contacted at anytime. You may call 630.548.4200 and describe the problem area you wish to study. Or, you may fill out our form on the contact page . We will respond to your needs quickly.


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Our Mission:
To provide scientific, expert-level data analysis, research and evaluation of health and social programs in a culturally competent fashion while including community members as experts allowing the perfect marriage of community and science for the betterment and health of those plagued by the problems being addressed.

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h2o2water electrolysis h2o2water electrolysis h2o2water electrolysis h2o2 The Ahiman Company Value: To do our best work as unto the Lord in a spirit of excellence by producing a product that our clients and we can be proud of. We want to be an example of integrity in research demonstrating honesty to our clients and each other by developing relationships that demonstrate longevity and dedication while enjoying and living an abundantly blessed life.

statistical consulting and program evaluation Statistical Consulting and Program Evaluation

statistical consulting and program evaluationNo matter what area of business you are in, Ahiman Consulting and Research can help. We are experts in the fields of program evaluation and h2o2 statistical consulting.

Ahiman Consulting and Research specializes in providing program evaluations and

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statistical consulting
solutions. We can help you make better business solutions with the use of statistics. You can view a few of the clients that we work with. Feel free to give us a call or contact us via our form.

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We can provide your business with h2o2

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, statistical consulting and process metrics to help turn the raw information that your organization collects every day into a valuable resource that can help your business make informed decisions.

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water electrolysis h2o2h2o2 Program Evaluation can assist your company or community based organization with the tools to properly evaluate strengths and weaknesses within your program. We generate accurate and relevant data analysis for your organization.

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canada padio stone Ahiman Consulting and Research, a new and innovative company, is led by Ph.D level statistician, Dr. Will O. Cobbs, Jr. Our purpose is to analyze trends in your organizational decisions and processes.

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